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Juicing with High Phenol Chetoui

Spicy Sweet Earthy Aromatic

Juicing is a great way to get healthy vegetable nutrients all in one cup! Juicing does remove some of the fiber which means it's more easily digestible but may not carry the nutrients into your body as well as eating whole fruits. The advantage to juicing is you can get a lot of the immune boosting and beneficial nutrients quicker and more conveniently. Juicers are available online or in most home goods stores, there are many options between 50$ -100$. Prep time and cleanup is about 10 minutes a day. This recipe has the added Benefits of our high Phenol Organic Chetoiu EVOO added at the end. Variations to this juice recipe include blending the juice with kale and bananas or blueberries.


4 Medium sized carrots

1 large raw beet

2 apples

3-4 inch piece fresh ginger

1-2 Jalepeno pepper (optional)

3T Organic Chetoui EVOO


Peel carrots, beet and ginger, core the apples. Cut all the veggies into smaller pieces. Juice in a juicing machine. Stir in the Olive Oil at the end. Adding ingredients like kale and fruit add more flavor and healthy nutrients but you'll want to blend the finished juice wth these ingredients.

The Olive Oil:

Extra Virgin Olive Oil contains polyphenols, a group of beneficial antioxidants. High quality EVOO contains more phenols due to a variety of important factors such as: early harvesting of the olives, olive varietals, less time between picking and pressing, cold extraction methods,FRESHNESS!, handling, storage and many other complex variables. We don't guess the phenol count, we have all of our olive oils tested for authenticity and chemistry by my "Modern Olives" the worlds most accredited olive lab. As an example several of our Olive Oils consistently register around 400 to 600 ppm phenol content which is already high. The Organic Chetoiu registers at1127 ppm phenols, making it more robust, pungent and healthy. This extraordinarily high phenol Organic Chetoui registers the highest phenol count of the season and is among the highest in the world). It has delayed and significant “punchy” pepperiness and lingering bitterness signifying the healthy antioxidants. True to its high phenol content, we’ve dubbed this fiery evoo a “3 cougher”. Contains notes of green tea leaf and hints of malt. Origin Tunisia, Crush Date November 2020.

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