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Kalamata (Australia)

Kalamata (Australia)

PriceFrom $13.00

Robust Intensity

Australia - May 2023


This limited prodution early harvest Kalamata has an intense pepper finish with vegetal notes of asparagus and artichoke.  A combination of early picking and minimal processing result in a very high phenol content with the powerhouse antioxidant biophenols measuring at 534.2


*Biophenols: 534.2                               *FFA: .2

*Oleic Acid: 78.2                                   *Peroxide: 4.0

DAGs: 96.1                                               *PPP: <.2



*Fruitiness: 5.0                        *Bitterness: 3.5         *Pungency: 4.5                           

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