Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oils from around the world


Thirteen Olives is proud to be Northeast PA's exclusive purveyor of the highest grade EVOO in the world! Stop in and let your taste buds explore nearly 60 Oils and Vinegars in our tasting room. 

"Alonso Estate"

Olive Grove, Chile

The Alonso oil process begins from the search of a piece of land in Chile with the climatic conditions suitable for the cultivation of the Olive Tree. Once these lands have been found, the varieties that best adapt to the climate and type of soil are chosen.

Alonso Estate obtains premium EVOO in each of their varieties, a true reflection of the treatment they give to their olive and fields, with their own and unparalleled flavors that deserve worldwide recognition for their high quality. 


Learn more about the health benefits of olive oil & balsamic vinegars
High quality EVOO has a myriad of benefitial anti-oxidants, amino acids, and poly-saturated fat.

Featured Products

Persian Lime Olive Oil


persian lime.jpg


Zesty Persian Lime is married with Extra Virgin Olive Oil for an unbelievable fresh, fragrant burst of citrus.  Use on seafood, poultry, veggies and in dressings!

Local Raw Honey


Newkirk maintains their bees without any chemicals or commercial use, allowing the bees to be happy and healthy, resulting in high quality local honey.

Alfoos Mango White Balsamic

Sweet, Crisp, Clean & refreshing our Mango Balsamic is a great paired with Lime Olive Oil for salads, salsas, ceviche & marinades.

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